Short hours, no pay, great satisfaction; what more job satisfaction could you want? If you are available during the day, we need receptionists, interviewers, and food room workers. We also need someone to be responsible for keeping CEO supplied with copies by picking them up from churches and delivering to CEO every 2-3 months.
Contact us for more about these or other opportunities. A volunteer receptionist position is currently open, as well as substitute positions during the summer to accommodate vacations. If you cannot work from 1-3, other options may be available, such as the publicity committee, which does not require a weekly daytime commitment.

There are so many ways to volunteer at CEO in addition to working at the CEO office.

Some of the jobs that need to be done are ...

  • Deliver and pick up copies that are made by member churches, usually 3-4 times/year This can be done any time during the week when the church office is open
  • Monitor the CEO email account. This requires a computer and can be done from home.
  • Be on a call list to help bag rice, beans, cereal, or to put away food when food drive bags are delivered.
  • Save plastic grocery bags and deliver to CEO to be reused.

Contact us to volunteer!

A Day in the Life of CEO

Everyone knows that CEO provides food and other assistance, but what does that mean, and how does it work? Follow a client through a day at CEO. CEO doors open at 1:00, but it’s not unusual for people to begin lining up at 12:00, or even earlier.
When the doors open, clients are given a number in order of arrival. The receptionist greets the client, checks their identification, and determines that they live in the CEO service area (Washington county south of the Mall). Anyone living north of the Mall may be given a list of agencies that offer help to those residents.
The client fills out a basic questionnaire indicating the number of people in the household, their available resources, and what sort of help they are requesting. When the client’s number is called, they are conducted to an interview room where an interviewer determines what type of assistance is needed, and how CEO can best help.
The next step is for the interviewer to confer with the daily manager. The interviewer and the daily manager discuss the situation and the needs of the client. It is then the decision of the daily manager to determine what help can be given and to write a check to the utility, rental agency, gas station, etc. The manager is allotted a limited amount of money each day, based on CEO’s available funds.
If food was requested, the workers in the food pantry have been filling grocery bags during the conference. The interviewer then returns to the client with the food, checks, or vouchers that have been approved by the daily manager.
The final step is for the interviewer to note in the client’s file what help was given, as well as any other notes that might help another interviewer during a subsequent visit. This also allows CEO to monitor the history of a client to ensure that we use our resources as effectively as possible.
On any given day, the staff of CEO includes a daily manager,a computer worker, a receptionist, two food room workers, and four interviewers.
Contact us if you would like to become a CEO volunteer. CEO is currently in extreme need of food and funds. It has been necessary to spend several hundred dollars each week to keep our shelves stocked. CEO is one of only a few agencies that helps with utility and rent payments, and the only one in the area that provides vouchers for gasoline. When funds are used to purchase food, there is less for other emergencies.
Please consider having your church, community, or civic group sponsor a food drive to benefit CEO.
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